Students Union:

The Students’ Union is the legitimate representative through which students practice their various activities and through which students are trained to the practice of democracy and accept the different views through the candidacy to student union elections and practice of collective and individual activities.

terms for Participation in Student Union Activities:

  • Student should be regular
  • Student should pay tuition fees
  • Student should  extract the new study card and the national ID
  • Student must be with good behavior

*Faculty Union council Formation

  • Faculty union council specialized in the Following areas:
  • Determining Union policy in light of presented programs from committees
  • Accrediting Work programs of Union council and following its implementation.
  • Distributing financial appropriations to the committees and draw up the annual budget of the council and its committees
  • Accrediting the final accounts of the Union
  • Coordinating work of union Council Committees
  • Strengthening relationships with student unions in other Faculties
  • Election of Secretary and Assistant Secretary of students Union is from its student members

* How to apply for Union election:

  • Withdrawal of application form is from Youth Welfare Department at Faculty.
  • The form should be written and signed by Student Affairs, Youth Welfare and Faculty Dean.
  • The form should be submitted to Faculty Youth Welfare Department.
  • Aswan University president decision will determine the dates and scheduled Program of elections.