Achieving high level of performance and keeping the high achievement for getting the accreditation and that leads to public confidence and satisfaction.


The Unit should have a leading role in achieving quality in the institutional and academic performance and continues upgrading to the educational, research process, students service and environment, for achieving the faculty mission and cope with University strategy, and it aims at getting the accreditation and keeping it.


  • Spreading quality culture and awareness of the importance of implementing an assessment program between all employees in the faculty and its different scientific and administrative departments.
  • Raising the value of excellence and competitive capacity  in all specialties and departments in the faculty
  • Supporting Quality Assurance and accreditation and encouraging all the scientific departments in participation in all accreditation requirements
  • Supporting continues improvement process through directing the developers of the different activities to cope with quality levels which improving continuously.
  • Societal participation of the civil institutions and the associations interested in Education to participate in supervision and supporting quality climate
  • Gaining the confidence of Egyptian, regional and international society in the outputs of the educational process in the faculty.
  • Establishing a reciprocal relationship with quality assurance authorities and organizations at the regional and international level in order to obtain accreditation.