The mission of Aswan faculty of Education is determined by putting strategies to produce educational staff and to share in academic programs improvement by cooperating with other faculties that care with this attitude. From this mission emerges direct function represented in teacher preparation who copes up with requirements of the era before and during the career, in order to support and serve the educational institutions in Aswan.

In the respect of cultural preparation of Aswan faculty of education students, teacher preparation system at the faculty seeks to achieve the following aims:

1-    Providing student- teacher with a broad base of religious culture, values and ethics.

2-    Providing student- teacher with great measure of Humanitarian information such as History, Economics, Politics and Literature and amount of technological sciences and arts in different forms.

3-    Helping student- teacher to be fluent in the national language and another foreign language.

4-    Supplying student- teacher with wide culture that enables him/her to know the cultural and civilized elements that spread in the society.

5-    Developing teachers’ understanding about characteristics of other cultures and developing interest with national and international issues.

6-    Supporting the importance of reading, learning and self-learning in faculty students’ spirits.

7-    Developing perception of student-teacher to the components of the surrounding environment, its problems and how to deal with it positively.

8-    Providing the student-teacher with the ability to search and using computers, internet, satellite channels and others.