The Mental Health Department in Faculty of Education seeks to be outstanding scientific center to spread General and specialized psychological culture to all students and researchers and employees inside and outside the faculty and working on applying it in their personal and professional lives.


Preparing and qualifying students and researchers in bachelor and graduate studies stages and building their personalities and increasing their abilities to academic achievements and scientific training to carry out the teaching process efficiently and effectively and implementing psychological and educational research and dealing with the psychological problems and presenting instructions to society.


-Teaching theoretical and applied psychological courses.

– Implementing research and studies in mental health fields, psychological guidance and specialized education.

– Supervision on Master and Doctorate Theses.

– presenting psychological guidance services inside and outside the university.

– Holding psychological seminars and conferences or participate in it.

– Cooperation with the other departments in the faculty to graduate effective teachers.

– Presenting psychological consultations to authorities and concerned Institutions.

-Management and supervision of the Psychological Counseling Center as special Unit to the department.

– Spreading the psychological and general and specialized education culture.