“Making a qualitative leap in student assessment systems to ensure the continuity of education system development at the Faculty”



Continuous development of student performance evaluation systems and exams, by using modern educational and technological methods, to ensure the measurement of the targeted learning outcomes of courses and programs and improve the quality of students learning opportunities to achieve the overall quality standards in the performance of university students.



Disseminating the culture of Evaluation development systems of students’ performance and exams in order to achieve continuous improvement to the system and ensure its quality.

Establishing measurement and evaluation unit for continuous development to evaluate the performance of students and exams at the faculty

Preparing an ethics charter for students’ evaluation systems and exams

Preparing a reference guide for assessment systems development of students and examinations at the Faculty

Developing the capabilities of some human cadres in the faculty to follow advanced mechanisms for managing evaluation systems

Establishing question banks in light of the objectives and criteria set for the courses of departments programs involved in the project.

Applying of electronic evaluation system in some disciplines

Applying of analysis mechanisms to test results.

Applying appropriate feedback mechanisms to students on their performance in assessment processes and taking appropriate Affirmative actions.