Aswan Faculty of Education was established in 1973 affiliated to Assiut University by the Presidential Decree No. 34 of 1973. It aims at preparing teachers have knowledge and basic skills of teaching that will enable them to deal with recent and future challenges and participate in society development.

     The philosophy of preparing teacher in Aswan Faculty of Education comes from the belief in the need of providing a kind of academic, educational and cultural preparation for faculty students who have the capacity, capabilities and skills that can elevate the faculty to the level of mastery and excellence. 

     Its academic preparation aims at providing the student-teacher with special courses that convenient with the nature of various educational stages according to the peculiar properties and foundations of each stage. In addition to, development of student’s ability to search, reading  and self- learning in specialization field.         

    For practical educational preparation (vocational) of student-teacher, Aswan Faculty of Education provides a number of educational courses concerned with supporting a set of experiences such as educational, psychological knowledge and professional skills that are necessary for teaching profession. Moreover, practical training (vocational teaching), in which student exercises teaching tasks and its activities over two-years of training in Aswan schools. This training supports professional capacity of faculty students, and provides them with basics and skills of teaching.