The Graduate Studies Unit is directly linked to the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and is responsible for implementing all topics related to master’s and doctoral programs in the Faculty in accordance with the rules and regulations, through which it helps to enabling the Faculty to achieve the vision and objectives of the university.



1- Supporting graduate students and their supervisors from the Academic staff and providing them with assistance in all topics related to master’s and doctoral programs at the Faculty.

2-Improving the quality of research of graduate students in the Faculty by constantly updating study plans.

3-Encouraging graduate students, in coordination with academic departments, to conduct theoretical and applied research related to contemporary educational issues and the problems of educational field.

4-Developing concepts and practices of innovation and research excellence for graduate students in various educational fields.

5- Seeking for that the Graduate Studies Unit to be a role model at the Faculty and university levels in various aspects, whether administratively or academically, as well as in developmental aspect.

6- Highlighting and activating the role of the unit through raising awareness of the instructions of graduate studies and presenting some workshops by Academic staff on various topics.



1-Implementation and follow-up of university and Faculty policy for graduate studies.

2-replying to all inquiries related to graduate studies in the Faculty.

3-Follow up the work of the graduate studies committees in the Faculty.

4-Providing assistance to graduate students and work on solving the obstacles and difficulties they face.

5-Studying all topics and decisions referred by the Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research to the unit and suggesting the appropriate procedure for it.

6-submitting proposals and recommendations that would raise the level of performance of the graduate studies programs in the Faculty.

7-Determining and following up unit’s needs in the Faculty.

8-Preparing a monthly and annual report on the unit’s work to be submitted to the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.