About department:

Department of Fundamental of Education is one of the scientific departments in Faculty of Education _Aswan University; the department includes a group of Staff members and their assistants. The department is concerned to qualify the student educationally through a group of study curriculums which enrich the educational and professional preparation side either sequentially or integrally, and preparing researchers in research fields in fundamental of Education and its specializations through the graduate studies and its different programs and  enriching the education Knowledge with Scientific Production to staff members represented in scientific theses and educational research and intellectual works and others, in addition to holding the scientific conferences, seminars, training courses and workshops which serve the educational process and solving the different educational issues, The department also has its own roles inside and outside the faculty in determining the policies and strategic plans of the faculty and contributing effectively in its management and implementation through contributing in providing educational services and consultations to individuals and educational institutions.


-Achieving Educational, research and societal Leadership in Fundamental of Education locally and regionally.


-Preparing and forming the teacher that able to develop the profession of education and upgrading it in light of contemporary educational strategies and visions.

-Preparing serious and distinguished researchers in the search of educational issues and concerns.

-Enriching the educational Knowledge by producing scientific Theses and valuable educational research and scientific works, and targeted scientific articles.

– Providing educational services and consultations to contribute to sustainable community development.

-Enhancing scientific connections with the counterpart academic departments and educational associations locally and regionally.


The Department of Fundamental of Education seeks to achieve the following goals:

-Contributing to achieve the vision and mission of the Faculty.

-Upgrading the educational performance within the department, through the modernization and development of courses and its teaching methods and keeping pace with technology and information development.

– Developing the graduate studies in the department at the level of diplomas, master, and doctorate degrees and directing the conference and research to produce modern Educational Knowledge and employ them in solving the real issues and problems which face education especially and the education system generally, and formulating research plans that achieve this.

– Raising the scientific productivity of the members of the department by participating in conferences and seminars and encouraging them to write and translate.

  Enhancing the concept of community participation by directing the department’s research to serve the problems of education in Dakahliya governorate, contributing to the professional development programs for the teachers of Dakahliya governorate and cooperation with civil society institutions related to the department’s specialties.

– Continuous self-evaluation of the department’s performance level, identification of performance gaps and development of appropriate improvement plans to be in line with the quality system at the faculty.