Speech of Prof. Radi Abdul Majeed Taha – Dean of the College of Education

The Faculty of Education at Aswan University strives towards quality and excellence, to be a beacon for teacher preparation in Egypt and the Arab world, and to be a cultural and intellectual center for society, a leader for change, and a title for progress. Therefore, the College has been working hard to obtain a prominent position and a high reputation, to be the most distinguished, and the most innovative in the fields of education, scientific research and community service, by providing an appropriate academic environment for students. Its aim is to nurture creativity, excellence and innovation in all fields, with connected support financially and morally. The Faculty of Education, Aswan University, has a good reputation for its interest in students. We believe that everyone in the college is an administration, faculty members, a support body, an administrative body, and students of one family who are united by respect, friendliness, work and sincerity. And because they believe that the focus of the educational process is the student, they have spared no effort in pushing students towards excellence and creativity to build a generation of teachers that carries upon themselves the future of the nation, to be shining stars in the nation’s sky, and to preserve values ​​and principles.