About the Department:

The Comparative Education department and Educational Administration is one of the six academic departments in Faculty of Education, Aswan University, and a service department at the undergraduate level and a specialized department at the postgraduate level. At the undergraduate level, the department considers a service department without a student division, offering its services and some of its courses for vocational and educational preparation in various bachelor programs.

At the level of graduate studies, the Department of Comparative Education and Educational Management is a specialized department for its students. It offers specialized programs in the field of comparative education and educational management at the level of professional diplomas and special diplomas in education, Master, and doctorate.




The department aspires to become one of the leading academic departments in the field of professional and educational preparation for teachers, preparing specialized researchers in the fields of comparative education and educational management, contributing to the sustainable professional development of educational cadres and providing outstanding scientific research to contribute to the development and modernization of education according to the requirements of the age and its local And global variables.



The mission of Comparative Education and Educational Administration department at Faculty of Education – Aswan University is determined as the following:


  • Conducting distinguished educational research in comparative education and educational administration fields and employing it in solving educational issues and problems.


  • Developing the Capabilities of Staff members and academic and administrative leaders and encouraging them to acquire technological and technical skills.


  • Upgrading teacher preparation through high-quality programs in different general education specialties from kindergarten to secondary education.


  • Providing the student with knowledge related to the teaching profession, teacher roles, and the characteristics of the successful teacher.


  • Perfecting the skills of administrative and educational work by identifying the theoretical assets of educational administration and the experiences of some Arab and foreign countries in this field.


  • To know the nature of the problems facing the educational administration in Egypt and the Arab world and ways to overcome them in light of the experiences of some countries.


  • Creating an educational and learning environment that encourages the teacher to make the maximum effort and to graduate experienced and qualified teachers who can adapt to changing societal circumstances.


  • To contribute to the sustainable development of educational leaders in the educational stages in Sohag.


The department participates in the professional education preparation of students at Faculty of Education at the undergraduate level and preparing specialties researchers in the fields of comparative education and educational management. In detail, the department aims to the following:


  • To introduce the student to the research methods in education and the difficulties which face the researchers in it as well as the factors that affect it.


  • To define student the relationship between education in any society and the forces and factors that influence in it.


  • To define the student the legislation that organizes the teacher’s performance in the teaching profession.


  • To define the student’s the human rights in Egypt and some developed countries.


  • Knowing the basics of organizing the administrative work inside the school in a better way and in order to achieve the educational goals.


  • Developing students’ understanding of the concepts and foundations of educational thought and applying it globally.


  • Developing the student’s ability to understand contemporary educational/administrative trends as a constant source of knowledge renewal.


  • The student’s understanding of the role of comparative educational research and educational management research in the development of societies and solving the problems which face it.


  • To enable student to the techniques and methods of comparative educational research and educational management research.