Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed – Aswan University President approved the results of the Entrepreneurship competition of Aswan University students, which was announced in (January 2021) by the University’s Entrepreneurship Club in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology headed by Dr. Mahmoud Saqr; and the competition was titled “ Aswan University students are distinguished entrepreneurs’’ under the supervision of Prof. Ayman Othman- Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research.
Dr. Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazli Ahmed – Club’s Director stated that (24) contestants and (13) teams with a total of (34) contestants inside the teams had applied to participation, and the general total of contestants is (58).

 After the first evaluation phase, and the number of applicants for the competition after The exclusion of those who did not meet the conditions (16) individual competitors and (13) team with a total of (34) contestants within teams and a general total of (50) contestants. In the semi-final qualifiers, the final number of contestants ready to enter the final competition became the number (6) individual contestants. And (9) teams, with a total of (25) contestants within teams, and a total of (31) contestants.
The final qualifiers of the competition took place through a meeting of the jury formed with the approval of Prof. Ahmed Ghellab – President of the University, and a comparison was made between the projects submitted in the two branches of the competition and experts from inside and outside the university participated in the arbitration by applying unified criteria, where the result was as follows:

1-Individual competition:

A- First place for the factory that manufactures natural and aromatic oil distillation devices powered by solar energy.

B-Second place: Modified ventilator “EFHA Vent”

C-Third place: “Azo feed”.

2-Teams competition:

First place: manufacturing fish feed from fish processing waste

Second place: EFHA. Vent is an educational application for children with autism.

Dr. Mohamed Gaber Abbas – Coordinator of Entrepreneurship at the University, added that the prizes include an incubation and qualification period for the winning projects to participate in the Entrepreneurship League for Egyptian universities at the republic level, and incentive financial prizes for (14) students from Aswan University.