Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed– Aswan University President stated that within the seeking of Aswan University to carry out continuous and permanent communication for linking the graduates and students with the needs of the labor market, the Professional Career Center of the University has convened a round table on Sunday corresponding to 28/2/2021 under the title ”Restructure the labor Market in Aswan Governorate within the light of Coronavirus repercussions towards new strategy to keep up with future functions” to search the updates of the labor market and the economic affects caused by the global coronavirus crisis and its impact on the employing requests whether in near or far future. Prof. Ahmed Ghallab added we work to qualify our students and graduates to keep up the new updates of the labor market.

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab pointed out the university is about to host this meeting that gathers numerous representative companies and authorities for all various sectors in Aswan Governorate. On the margins of meeting, the University Center for Professional Development will sign a cooperation protocol with Al-Tawfiq Construction Company and El-Salam Academy School, to provide practical training opportunities for university’s students in various labor markets.